The Doing Business Doing Good Summit, featured 30 inspiring sustainable leaders. The Summit brought together and inspired thousands of business leaders to accelerate using their business as a force for good.


In September 2017 the 1st Global Free Virtual Sustainability Summit took place featuring 30 educational interviews with a diverse group of purpose-driven sustainability leaders, gurus, best-selling authors, pioneers, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs and CEOs of multinational companies.

They told inspirational stories and shared practical strategies, tools, tips and best practices on how to use your business as a force for good.

Doing Business Doing Good not only believes in sharing stories that inspire change but also believes they can inspire to ACT for a better world and WOW this is what happened:

Thousands of conscious business leaders have participated in the Summit

From more than 55 countries across the world

99% of people have been inspired by the DBDG interview series

And it did not stop here… Most participants have directly translated the inspiration into actions in their own work and field of expertise.

This is what others said about the first Doing Business Doing Good Summit:


Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

" At a time that purpose driven sustainable business models are more needed than ever , the innovative virtual format of the DBDG Summit has provided highly inspirational and actionable examples on how to use your business as a force for good." 

Virginie Helias, Global VP Sustainability Procter & Gamble

“The DBDG summit is a very efficient and effective way to help anyone on their Sustainability journey to learn from practitioners the pitfalls and opportunities to drive sustainability as a business strategy”

Geanne van Arkel, Head of Sustainability EMEA Interface

“The possibility to listen to interviews of people you only know by the books they have written and get access to additional content. Watching the interviews, either short or long has not only broaded my knowledge but also ensured me that there are so many ways to work on sustainability whether you are working for a corporate or in your community as Ezekiel Ole Katato shared. Truely inspirational.”

Dalen Jacomino, Journalist and S2 Sustainability Strategy Board Member

"The DBDG Summit provides much-needed narratives for purposeful, sustainable enterprises. With thoughtful insights, multiple perspectives and actionable ideas, it works as an educational as well as an inspiration platform for a journey towards a sustainable society. Highly recommended!"

Matthias Mueller, President The Natural Step Switzerland

Sadly business is still involved in doing harm to nature and society - but more and more businesses discover that more profit is created by doing less or no harm. Change is happening. And that's the inspiring part of Doing Business Doing Good: it informs leaders and changemakers that a holistic skill set is needed if we want to achieve progress: knowledge about Sustainability, the will to innovate and the capacity to realize change in small and big corporations. Doing Business Doing Good is an inspiration for leaders.

Marina de Groot, Energy Coach

The DBDG Virtual Summit was a real gift to me. It came at the exact time I had given up my job to search for a more purposeful and impactful means of life. Through listening to all interviews, I have gained many new insights and have gotten a lot more focus unfolding my path in sustainability. The Summit really helped me building my network, keeping up to date with the latest developments, meeting people and even helping out with some projects from a distance. In conclusion; the Summit was very worthwhile to me!

Rogier de Jonge, social entrepreneur

The DoingBusinessDoingGood platform has helped me to bolster my own sense of purpose. I feel part of a group of entrepreneurs that understand social enterprises, like any other business, have to make products that are value creating for their clients. Real scale and impact only comes if the product addresses a real need or problem at the right price. SDGs, here we come! 

Katrin Meincke, Senior Communications Manager Global Fabric Care, Procter & Gamble

“Watching the videos on the DoingBusinessDoingGood platform always turned out as a real motivation boost for me. I actually made it a habit to watch one of the insightful and engaging videos after a tough day or whenever I felt the need for some uplift or inspiration and got many great ideas from them.”